New: Life Path Consultation

Your life path + remediation.

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Monthly Magical Elections.

Nina writes a monthly ebook, Magical Elections, for all levels of astrological magicians, detailing the best times and instructions for creating planetary, fixed star, and Lunar Mansion talismans. Buy this month’s Magical Elections or join the Patreon to receive the latest monthly report.

Over 20 Years' Experience.

Nina Gryphon has extensive experience in astrology and astrological magic, with a global clientele and student base. Her practice emphasizes solving real-world problems and providing advice crucial to clients’ success. Nina’s studies have led her to a rigorous and detail-oriented approach to client work with a special focus on remediation of planetary problems. In addition to being a sought-after teacher, Nina is a well-known writer and astrological columnist. Learn more about Nina Gryphon.

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