I created a new one hour horary lecture entitled “Horary of Current Events,” and it’s a unique enough lecture topic that it merits an article of its own. One of the challenges that horary astrologers often face is that they try to use the techniques of personal horary questions on charts asking about current events, which leads to frustration and wrong answers. The talk teaches documented, traditional methods for analyzing these charts.

Horaries about matters of public interest by definition do not include the astrologer herself. These questions are often the ones that people share and discuss in groups online, and may include politics, missing people, celebrities, and other items in the news. There are key differences in analyzing charts where the querent is present compared to ones where the querent does not have a role. For example, asking whether a supreme court nominee will in fact be confirmed to the Supreme Court, (assuming the querent has no personal connection to the process) is a typical current events horary. The same goes for asking about the missing person the querent read about in the news, or about a celebrity scandal.

Because most people haven’t read the historical texts that discuss and demonstrate how to judge current events charts, the discussions of these horaries are often inconclusive or degenerate into shouting matches. “Horary of Current Events” gives astrologers a set of traditional techniques to follow for clear charts and correct answers.

William Lilly is the rock star of current events horaries, among traditional astrologers. He demonstrates a number of current events horaries in Christian Astrology, and analyzes the fate of famous individuals, parties, battles, etc., all without his involvement in the situation. My talk analyzes a few of these examples and teaches how to use them in your practice today, while summarizing the techniques I wish I knew when starting out in horary. While there are no guarantees my talk will help you win your online horary discussions, it is a step in the right direction.