The total solar eclipse March 20 at 29 Pisces will be visible from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. The path of the exact solar eclipse will traverse the sea between Iceland and the United Kingdom, passing over the tiny Faroe Islands. The maximum eclipse will occur at 9:45 Universal Time, and the total duration of the eclipse will be just over two hours, from 8:42-10:50 UT. According to traditional authors such as Ptolemy, this means that the worldly duration of the eclipse’s effects will be just over two years from the date of the solar eclipse. The eclipse path will be the closest to the southeastern coast of Iceland, passing near the Vatnajökull glacier under which sleep some of Iceland’s most active volcanoes. See the path of the solar eclipse [via].

Horoscope for the Solar Eclipse of March 20

Solar Eclipse March 20 Reykjavik, Iceland

Solar Eclipse of March 20 set for Reykjavik, Iceland

Solar Eclipse. March 20, 2015, 9:36:08 am, UT, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Iceland and the Solar Eclipse

The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010 and sent a massive ash and glass plume into the jet stream (yes, silica frozen by the glacier which covers Eyjafjallajökull shot into the air as tiny fragments of glass), disrupting jet engines. Northern European and British airspace was first shut down from 15-23 April, then intermittently in future weeks. Approximately 100,000 flights had been cancelled during the week-long shutdown. The eruption certainly brought Iceland into the news in early 2010. Astrologically, we can likely pin the blame on an eclipse at 4 Cancer, exactly on Iceland’s Midheaven. It wasn’t much of an eclipse, as it was only partial and lunar, but it was exact and even a small shot of eclipse energy direct to Iceland’s Midheaven was enough to trigger an eruption.

Iceland 1944 Independence Horoscope

Iceland 1944 Independence Horoscope

June 17, 1944, 14:00 WAD +0. Reykjavik, Iceland. From Nicolas Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes.

The solar eclipse of March 20 will continue to trigger volcanic activity in Iceland, which has been ongoing since the eruptions of 2011. In 1783-4, a massive volcanic eruption in Iceland killed approximately 25% of its people due to the ensuing famine and fluorosis resulting from eight million tons of hydrogen fluoride that poured into the air. Most of Europe was impacted by “vog” (volcanic fog) and drastic temperature changes for many months. It is thought that about six million people died worldwide due to the effects of the 1783 eruption. When Iceland has volcanic activity, the rest of us had better sit up and pay attention. Eclipses in late Virgo and Pisces were active at the time and visible in Iceland, suggesting that late degrees of these two signs (and probably late degrees of all the common signs) are sensitive for Iceland. It is not surprising that Iceland’s full independence from Denmark has Sun conjunct Saturn in late Gemini.

This brings us back to the March 20 solar eclipse at 29 Pisces, which will tickle Iceland’s sensitive late common degrees. We do not expect a massive eruption on the 1783 scale, but believe that Iceland will become more seismically active over the coming months, and the pressure will continue to build.

As we saw in 2010, Icelandic volcanoes also erupt when eclipses and planetary conjunctions trigger Cancer and Capricorn, the 4th/10th house axis of the current horoscope. The 1783 eclipse featured a conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, an earthy sign. The ancient astrologers were particularly wary of the two malefics Mars and Saturn conjoining, as they collude to cause greater damage than when they are alone. In 2018-20, we will have eclipses slowly moving through Cancer and Capricorn; then, Mars will conjoin Saturn in Capricorn in early 2018. Certainly 2018 looks seismically busy for Iceland.

Other Countries Affected by the Solar Eclipse

The 1874 horoscope for Greece has 24 Pisces on the Midheaven. Greece has been engaged in difficult negotiations with its EU creditors, and the solar eclipse will likely not help the current governing coalition. Eclipses in Pisces and Virgo will continue through early 2017, and the Greek government will experience extreme tension and criticism as Syriza struggles to survive.

Venezuela has Mars at 25 Pisces and the Sun at 29 Virgo. The country performed military drills on March 14 in response to U.S. declaring Venezuela a “national security threat” earlier in the week. This solar eclipse will cause tensions to mount in the coming weeks and months, predictably around oil and naval exercises, due to the liquid Piscean influence. The situation in Venezuela has been tense and growing more so. Violence and instability lie ahead.

Saudi Arabia has the Sun at 28 Virgo, opposite the current solar eclipse. In addition, the 1902 horoscope of Saudi capture of Riyadh from the Ottoman Empire, the Moon is at 27 Pisces. Like Iceland, important points appear in late mutable degrees repeatedly for Saudi Arabia. It is difficult to predict exact developments in the country’s closed tribal government, but we can expect instability in the relationship between the government and its people. Since a new ruler has ascended the throne, uncertainty and political maneuvering are to be expected. This period will likely last for the next year or so, as the Virgo-Pisces eclipses gradually contact Saudi’s several planets in Virgo.

Finally, Iran has Mercury and Mars in late Pisces in the eighth house, an indication of intense financial action and negotiation. Iran is currently locked in intense negotiation with the West. Their discussion may be the best chance at a diplomatic resolution regarding nuclear weapons. If discussions break down – and they easily could under the influence of this solar eclipse – conflict will surely ensue. Upcoming eclipses trigger Iran’s Sun in the ninth house of religion and foreign countries.