Magical Elections for September 2019 are now available. We have a few good talisman in the works this month, including Spica, Regulus, as well as Jupiter in Sagittarius. See the list of this month’s elections below, or go to the product page to purchase the PDF.

We have six magical elections this month:

  • Regulus (fixed star) for honors, favor, dispelling melancholic humor, vitality
  • Spica (fixed star) for wealth, lifting one up from evil circumstances, victory in legal disputes, and overall protection
  • 11th Lunar Mansion talisman for gaining charisma and royal favor
  • 5th Lunar Mansion talisman for favor from the powerful, dreams, learning, improving relationships, and strengthening buildings
  • 25th Lunar Mansion talisman for protecting plants, crops, and buildings
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius talisman for enhancing wealth, overall good fortune, and enhancement of personal virtues
  • In addition, each monthly issue includes:
    • An introductory overview of that month’s magical elections, planets to be avoided for talismans that month, and planetary symbolism to inspire your ritual ideas
    • Detailed key concepts to know before you begin
    • A magical lesson (September’s lesson teaches about various talismanic materials),
    • A growing section of additional resources for astrological mages. View a full issue from a previous month here.

What Are Magical Elections? Finding the right time for your magical workings can be time-consuming and technical; so let me help! You can empower your magical practice by incorporating the element of right timing with astrology. I select a few auspicious dates/times every month to support you in your magical work. In addition to an in-depth analysis of the carefully chosen elections, I also recommend traditional materials for you to use for maximum magical potency, the angels and spirits to invoke, and the magical images associated with each talisman. The downloadable Magical Elections PDF contains all the information you need to make astrological magic work for you in the coming month, including a new monthly mini-lesson on this arcane but powerful art.