Natal Consultation and Forecast

Now booking for January 2023.

This 60-minute consultation offers insight into your short- and longer-term future, based on your natal horoscope. If you have a specific area or multiple areas of concern and are looking for guidance, the Natal Consultation and Forecast is your best choice. We will spend part of the session examining your natal horoscope to understand the potentials in your areas of concern, and approximately half of the session will focus on future trends based on your natal potential, with an emphasis on addressing your specific concerns.

I use traditional Western techniques for the Natal & Forecast consultation, as these techniques excel in forecasting both on the grand scale and in considerable detail. As appropriate, I may offer remedial techniques to help you address upcoming astrological influences and use them to their highest potential.

All Natal & Forecast sessions are done via Zoom. After the consultation, you will receive a recording of our session, and the supporting charts/materials.

How to Get a Natal Consultation:

  1. The cost is 225 USD. Pay below.
  2. Contact me to schedule your Zoom appointment at nina “at” Depending on my workload, appointments are available 4-8 months from date of payment. Please also send your birth data (time, date, and place), and the concerns you would like to explore.