The recent Mercury-Venus mutual reception (October 8-November 1, 2015) has been a nice respite in the otherwise uninspiring planetary weather. With both Venus and Jupiter in signs of their detriment or fall, it’s time to hibernate! In John Frawley’s natal course, he mentions that the connection of Mercury with Venus can show a talented artist – the skill of Mercury wedded to the aesthetic sense of Venus. While Mercury and Venus are not in aspect, they are in mutual reception by sign, a condition the traditional texts call “generosity.” It is not as powerful as if the two of them were in aspect as well, but the connection is notable. Personally, since early October, I have been saturated in classical music, live and recorded. It started with my watching live concerts from the 17th Fryderyk Chopin Competition. I’ve since read a great number of classical album reviews. The interesting thing is that I seem to have developed a greater sensitivity or awareness of the more subtle qualities of the music and can determine if a piece is well performed, at least according to my taste. This particular Mercury-Venus combination has made me at once more conscious of the details of a performance while allowing it to affect me more emotionally. I wonder if this is how it is all the time for musicians with Mercury-Venus in mutual reception or aspect.