March Magical Theme: Building Foundations for Abundance

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  • Two Saturn in Aquarius talismans for commitments, rebuilding, gaining authority, real estate, and construction.
  • Two Deneb Algedi (fixed star) talismans for prosperity, victory in legal matters, improvement of the home, and wealth.
  • III. Decan of Aquarius for hard work, success, skill, healing arts.
  • II. Decan of Aquarius for beauty, nobility, and goodness.
  • Two I. Decan of Aries talismans for glory, magnetism, fame, promotion, and vitality.
  • Two Sun in Aries talismans for self-promotion, independence, vigor, and power.
  • Moon in Cancer talisman for fertility, growth, glamor, and romance.
  • Two Discarded Elections: Elections that may look good but are best avoided this month. Especially useful if you elect your own magical workings or purchase premade talismans.

In addition, each monthly issue includes:

  • An introductory overview of that month’s magical elections, planets to be avoided for talismans that month, and planetary symbolism to inspire your ritual ideas
  • Detailed key concepts to know before you begin
  • A magical lesson (March’s lesson is about inner versus outer astro-magical work).
  • A growing section of additional resources for astrological mages. View a full issue from a previous month here.