March 2020 Magical Elections Contents

The tenth episode of the Magical Elections podcast is available! This month’s podcast comes out simultaneously with the monthly Magical Elections newsletter, which is now available for March 2020.

Episode 10 Contents:

1. Introduction. Who is Nina Gryphon and what is this podcast all about?

2. Highlights of the March 2020 Magical Elections newsletter, and big announcement of my collaboration with artist and animator Minkyu Lee:

  • Two Venus in Taurus talismans for love, beauty, the arts, better relationships, and reconciliation.
  • First Decan of Taurus for gaining increase of wealth, particularly from real estate, land, and farming.
  • Second Decan of Taurus for power, nobility, and authority over others.
  • First Decan of Aries for visible strength, prestige, visibility, and “wealth without shame.”
  • Fixed star Algol talisman for protection and victory.
  • Sun in Aries for fame, celebrity, personal vitality, and good relationships with people of high rank.
  • Fifth Lunar Mansion for clairvoyant dreams, favor from the powerful, educational endeavors, travel by sea, relationship harmony, and improvement of buildings
  • Two Discarded Elections: Elections that may look good but are best avoided this month. Especially useful if you elect your own magical workings or purchase premade talismans.

3. A free Magical Election for March, 2020. This is the first decan of Taurus election for increase of wealth, especially from real estate, as well as general fortune pertaining to real estate, featured in this month’s Magical Elections issue.

4. The highlight of this episode: my interview with astrologer, magician, and writer, Austin Coppock, with whom I discuss the intersection of astrology and magic.