April 2020 Magical Elections Contents

The eleventh episode of the Magical Elections podcast is available! This month’s podcast comes out simultaneously with the monthly Magical Elections newsletter, which is now available for April 2020.

Episode 11 Contents:

1. Introduction. Who is Nina Gryphon and what is this podcast all about?

2. Highlights of the April 2020 Magical Elections newsletter:

* A Venus in Taurus talisman for love, beauty, the arts, better relationships, and reconciliation. [Venus in Taurus’ talismanic image by Minkyu is available in the March 2020 issue – contact me to purchase]
* Second Decan of Pisces for creativity, flights of fancy, and accessing inner imagery.
* Second Decan of Gemini for beauty, popularity, charm, grace, and the arts.
* 15th Lunar Mansion for gaining friendship, popularity, acclaim, and finding treasure.
* 6th Lunar Mansion for love and friendship, and success in hunting.
* Third Decan of Capricorn for control, monopoly, and accumulation.
* Fixed star Regulus talisman for fame, honors, and victory.
* Two Discarded Elections: Elections that may look good but are best avoided this month. Especially useful if you elect your own magical workings or purchase premade talismans.
* This month’s lesson is part 2 about judging one’s magical elections, including keeping a magical diary.

3. A free Magical Election for April, 2020. This is the second decan of Gemini election for beauty, charm, popularity, good fortune, and the arts, featured in this month’s Magical Elections issue.

4. Answers to a few listener questions about how astrological magic can help in times of a major epidemic.