November 2019 Elections

The seventh episode of the Magical Elections podcast is available! This month’s podcast comes out simultaneously with the monthly Magical Elections newsletter, which is now available for November 2019.

Episode 7 Contents:

1. Introduction. Who is Nina Gryphon and what is this podcast all about?

2. Highlights of the November 2019 Magical Elections newsletter:

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius (three elections!) for wealth, good fortune, building character and personal virtue
  • Alphecca (fixed star) for friendships and connections that elevate a person
  • 12th Lunar Mansion talisman for protecting harvests and plants, and for supporting those who either support us or depend on us (allies as well as the needy)

3. A free Magical Election for November, 2019. This is one of the three Jupiter in Sagittarius elections for wealth, good fortune, and personal virtue featured in this month’s Magical Elections issue.

4. My interview with Ryhan Butler, an astrological magician, about safe and unsafe astrological magic.