August 2019 Elections, the 10th Lunar Mansion, and Interview with Ryhan Butler

Like the fourth horseperson of the Apocalypse, here comes the fourth episode of the Magical Elections Podcast! As always, the podcast comes out simultaneously with the monthly Magical Elections newsletter, which is now available for August, 2019.

Episode 4 Contents:

1. Introduction. Who is Nina Gryphon and what is this podcast all about?

2. Highlights of the August 2019 Magical Elections newsletter:

  • Procyon (fixed star) for favors, magical powers, vitality
  • Regulus (fixed star) for honors, favor, dispelling melancholic humor, vitality
  • Pleiades (fixed star) for seeing spirits, preserving eyesight, controlling the winds, revealing hidden things
  • I. Decan of Libra talisman for justice, truth, good judgment, perfect justice, generosity to the needy.
  • II. Decan of Taurus talisman for ennoblement (gaining status), political power, rewarding the people (one’s supporters)
  • 11th Lunar Mansion talisman for gaining charisma and royal favor
  • 20th Lunar Mansion for hunting, domestication, swift return of travelers, compelling people to come to you, association with good people


3. A free Magical Election for August, 2019! A real, no-joke fixed star talisman — the Pleiades — featured in this month’s Magical Elections issue.

4. An interview with Ryhan Butler, astrological supermage, about the magic of Lunar Mansions, and specifically the 10th Lunar Mansion (al-Jabhah, the Forehead), in particular. Come for the practical magical recommendations, stay for the cat happiness talisman.