September 2019 Elections, Interview with Tony Mack, and Tales of My New Jupiter Talisman

Yes, the fifth episode of the Magical Elections podcast has landed. As always, the podcast comes out simultaneously with the monthly Magical Elections newsletter, which is now available for September, 2019.

Episode 5 Contents:

1. Introduction. Who is Nina Gryphon and what is this podcast all about?

2. Highlights of the September 2019 Magical Elections newsletter:

  • Regulus (fixed star) for honors, favor, dispelling melancholic humor, vitality
  • Spica (fixed star) for wealth, lifting one up from evil circumstances, victory in legal disputes, and overall protection
  • 11th Lunar Mansion talisman for gaining charisma and royal favor
  • 5th Lunar Mansion talisman for favor from the powerful, dreams, learning, improving relationships, and strengthening buildings
  • 25th Lunar Mansion talisman for protecting plants, crops, and buildings
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius talisman for enhancing wealth, overall good fortune, and enhancement of personal virtues

3. A free Magical Election for September, 2019. This is the Spica fixed star talisman for wealth and protection featured in this month’s Magical Elections issue.

4. An interview with Tony Mack, astrological magician and goldsmith, about the process of making astrological talismans in the metal forge, Tony’s favorite talismans and magical stories of talismans gone right and wrong. Note: This recording and topics might jump around, as we touched on a lot of topics, and I edited it to remove most of the (my) tangents.

Magical Elections Podcast – Episode 5