June 2019 Elections, the 11th Lunar Mansion, and Benefic vs Malefic Talismans

The second episode of the Magical Elections Podcast (in which we look forward to June, and back upon a past election) is upon us! The first episode received some positive attention, as did the monthly Magical Elections newsletter.

Episode 2 Contents:

  1. Introduction. Who is Nina Gryphon and what is this podcast all about?
  2. Highlights of the June 2019 Magical Elections newsletter:
    1. Last opportunity this year for a talisman featuring Venus in Taurus (love, sex, the arts)
    2. Alkaid fixed star talisman (protection in magic and travel)
    3. Alphecca fixed star talisman (goodwill and love from others)
    4. Antares fixed star talisman (mental acuity and vitality)
    5. 1st decan of Libra (justice, truth, good judgment)
    6. 11th Lunar Mansion (charisma and royal favor)
    7. 25th Lunar Mansion (strengthening buildings and plants)
  3. My experience with the 11th Lunar Mansion election. I created the 11th Lunar Mansion talisman this past month as an experiment. Join me to learn how I performed the ritual, created the talisman, and the rather dramatic early effects!
  4. Thoughts on benefic and malefic talismans, the benefits and risks of each. In this episode, I share some of my recommendations and tips for working with both easy and difficult planets and celestial bodies.