Welcome to Astrological Magic: The Podcast

The Magical Elections Podcast is a way for me to build on and enrich the monthly Magical Elections newsletter. The newsletter has been receiving some love and attention recently, and this is my way of giving back to the newsletter’s fans.

Episode 1 Contents:

  1. Introduction. Who is Nina Gryphon and what is this podcast all about?
  2. Highlights of the May 2019 Magical Elections newsletter:
    1. Venus in Taurus (love, sex, the arts)
    2. Pleiades fixed star talisman (assembling spirits, finding hidden things, increasing the light of the eyes)
    3. Aldebaran fixed star talisman (riches and honors)
    4. 1st decan of Gemini (science and learning). Bonus: Mercury in Gemini cazimi! (With some provisos)
    5. 10th Lunar Mansion (health and vitality)
  3. My thoughts on the 11th Lunar Mansion election coming up in May, and why I did not include it in Magical Elections. This is a potent, assertive Lunar Mansion, and I am cautiously looking forward to seeing its effects manifest!
  4. Tips for transferring electional charts to your own location. All charts in Magical Elections are set for Los Angeles; learn how to make them work wherever in the world you are.