Magical Elections Back Issues

To get back issues of Magical Elections, please email me at nina “at” with the list of issues you’d like to purchase. Each back issue is 7.50 USD, with discounts for purchases of more than 10. Upon receipt of payment, I will email you a download link for the purchased issues.

The back issues feature lessons in astrological magic. Some readers like to look at past months’ elections to better understand how astrological magic works and how Magical Elections are selected.

Magical Elections Back Issues

List of Back Issues Magical Lessons:

December 2018: Benefic and Malefic Talismans

January 2019: Ritual Words and Incantations

February 2019: Suffumigation (incense)

March 2019: Figures and Characters

April 2019: Magical Recommendations (now “Before You Start” in every issue starting with May 2019)

May 2019: Magical Clothing

June 2019: Key Elements of Ritual

July 2019: Ritual Purification

August 2019: Magic Wands

September 2019: Talismanic Materials

October 2019: Theurgy

November 2019: Planetary Days and Hours

December 2019: Zodiacal Decans

January 2020: The Role of the Moon

February 2020: Magical Names, Angels, and Demons

March 2020: Judging Magical Elections, Part 1

April 2020: Judging Magical Elections, Part 2

May 2020: Talisman Disposal and Destruction

June 2020: Altars

July 2020: Fixed Stars

August 2020: Magical Images

September 2020: Magical Strategy, Part 1

October 2020: Magical Strategy, Part 2

November 2020: Bad Astroweather

December 2020: Recharging

January 2021: Talismans and the Natal Chart, Part 1

February 2021: Talismans and the Natal Chart, Part 2

March 2021: Inner and Outer Magical Work

March 2021: Inner and Outer Magical Work

April 2021: Deciding on a Magical Election

May 2021: How to Be a Better Magician

June 2021: Malefic Planets

July 2021: Spiritual Growth through Magic

August 2021: Alternate Paths to the Planets

September 2021: Talismanic Longevity

October 2021: Multi-Planet Talismans

November 2021: How Many Talismans Is Enough?

December 2021: How to Purchase Talismans

January 2022: Relocating Elections

February 2022: Magical Elections and the Natal Chart

March 2022: Planets on Fixed Stars

April 2022: Toxic and Unethical Materials

May 2022: Eclipses

June 2022: Aspects to Malefics

July 2022: Magic at a Distance