Horary Column Form

This is the submission form for my monthly newsletter horary column where I answer your questions via horary astrology. Please submit your question and information below.

Please read first:

1. I will select one questions per issue. The questions will be selected on the basis of being interesting, containing sufficient background information, and your willingness to follow up with the outcome.
2. To increase your chances of being chosen, please submit questions that have actionable answers, are important to you, and impact you personally. Clear questions lead to clear charts!
3. I will not consider questions that contain illegal subject matter, medical questions, and political questions (unless you are one of the candidates, in which case, please proceed).
4. If chosen to appear in the newsletter, your question will be public, though your name and contact information will be confidential.
5. Do you need your question answered, and the sooner the better? Contact me for a private, paid horary consultation.