Horary Consultation

This email consultation is ideal when you have a specific question or concern. A horary question can be asked about almost anything — the future of a relationship, the wisdom of a financial transaction, deciding on a move, whether to change jobs, finding a precious lost object, discovering a thief, advice on taking a journey, and much more. Horary uncovers the truth about the past, present, and future of any situation. The Horary Consultation gives you a snapshot of the situation and its likely development so you can make the right decision.

 Below is a small sample of client questions:

  • Where is my passport? I’m leaving the country in two days and I can’t find it.
  • Does our relationship have a future? Will we marry?
  • Will I conceive, and when?
  • Should I sell my house or stock now for best profits, or should I hold?
  • Should I take this job offer?
  • When is the best time to expand my business?

Get a Horary Consultation:

  1. Decide on the question that you want to ask.
  2. The cost is 125 USD. Pay below.
  3. Contact me (via email at nina “at” ninagryphon.com) with your question and any relevant background information. I may ask you for clarification. I usually take 2-5 days to reply to you with a jargon-free answer via email, depending on workload, and you are welcome to ask clarifying questions. Urgent queries can often be accommodated for an added charge; contact me for details before paying.