Horary Consultation

Horary astrology is the art of answering specific questions. The astrologer casts a horoscope for the time she understood the client’s question, and interprets the position of the planets to answer the question and describe in detail the client’s past, present, and future pertaining to the query. Horary can answer just about any question, and the more specific, the better. Below are sample client questions:

  • Did my relative leave a will, and if so, where is it?
  • Does our relationship have a future? Will we marry?
  • Will I conceive, and when?
  • Should I sell my house or stock now for best profits?
  • Will I benefit if I take this job offer?
  • When is the best time to expand my business?

How to Ask a Horary Question

  1. Decide on the question that you want to ask. If you have multiple unrelated questions, I always recommend that we work on the most urgent one first, to ensure the horoscope is as clear as possible.
  2. Ponder your question for a day and a night, to ensure that both your conscious and unconscious mind have had a chance to work on the matter. Try to get to the heart of your concern, and keep refining your question.
  3. Contact me (via email at nina “at” ninagryphon.com) with your question and any relevant background information. I may ask you for a clarification, and once I understand the issue, will direct you to pay the horary fee (125 USD via PayPal). I usually take 2-3 days to reply to you with a jargon-free answer via email, and you are welcome to ask clarifying questions.