Beginning Horary Course (Kepler College)



Please contact Kepler College to be put on the waiting list for a future horary class. Meanwhile, I encourage you to get the books below and get a head start on horary!

I will be teaching a five-week course on Magical Elections for Kepler College in Autumn 2020. Horary astrology is an almost magical method for answering questions, using only a chart cast for the time and place of the query. We will learn the fundamentals of this practical yet nuanced art for obtaining guidance wherever we encounter a dilemma or problem. Once the cornerstone of astrological practice, horary has experienced a massive resurgence in the past few decades due to its uncanny accuracy and flexibility. Mastering horary will make you a better astrologer regardless of your style or school of practice. By the end of the course, you will be able to answer common horary questions about relationships, lost objects, jobs, finances, and more. Please note this class is targeted to intermediate or advanced students of astrology and will require substantial amounts of reading and study. The course costs $275.

As in all my courses, we will cover a large amount of material in a relatively short amount of time – yes, there are assignments and homework, as well as a final project. We meet each week at a set time, but you can watch the course videos later if you cannot participate in any particular week.


Important: For all books, paper copies, not e-books, are recommended, as all books are chart-heavy and images are sometimes missing or broken from e-books.

The Houses: Temples of the Sky by Deborah Houlding (Purchase to support independent bookstores. Purchase from Amazon.)

Introductions to Traditional Astrology: Abu Ma’shar & al-Qabisi, trans. Benjamin N. Dykes, Ph.D. (Purchase to support independent bookstores. Purchase from Amazon.)

Christian Astrology by William Lilly. Books I and II. Recommended edition is by Astrology Classics for Astrology Center of America, as it has modernized spelling and preserves the original page numbers (Purchase to support independent bookstores. Purchase from Amazon.).


Book of Rulerships by J. Lee Lehman. (Purchase from Amazon.)