Electional Consultation

This email consultation helps you find the best time and date for your special project or event to help maximize your chances of success and a desirable outcome. Most commonly, clients want to find the best time to get married, have a medical procedure, successfully conceive, start a new business, list a house on the market, or file a lawsuit. The Electional Consultation is excellent for any important project that must succeed.

Some examples of electional consultations:
  • The best time to start a new job or commence a job search
  • The most auspicious time to marry
  • The most fertile times for conception
  • The most profitable time to sign a contract
  • The best time to purchase a car or house
  • The most empowering time to file a lawsuit

To Get an Electional Consultation:

  1. The cost is 250 USD. Pay below.
  2. Please contact me at nina “at” ninagryphon.com. Be sure to include your question and any pertinent details, your birth date, time (if known), and place, and the time frame, as well as any time/date restrictions on your event.
  3. Approximate delivery is 4-8 weeks from date of payment, depending on my workload. You will receive multiple auspicious times and dates, with my suggestions as to the preferred ones among the group. The exact number of dates and times depends on the astrological weather during the time frame you provide.