Keep an eye out on the fixed star Castor this summer. It’s at 20 Cancer, and represents the mortal half of the Castor-Pollux twins. Castor was the tamer of horses, while his immortal brother, Pollux, was a skilled boxer. Upon his death, Castor was to dwell among the dead, while Pollux would be elevated to live among the immortal gods. Finally, the gods had mercy on the two inseparable brothers, and allowed them to be together, as long as they split their time between Hades and Olympus.

Astrologically, Castor’s presence signifies endings of all kinds, as contrasted with the immortality signified by Pollux. In 2017, Mercury will conjoin Castor on June 30, Mars on July 5, and the Sun on July 12, and Venus on August 17. While every summer sees the Sun, Mercury, and Venus conjoin Castor, this year is special, because the Sun and Mars are nearly conjunct when they conjoin Castor. Thus, they conjoin his mortal body about a week apart.