Astrology Predicts the Brexit Referendum

On February 19, the European Union agreed to concessions to keep the UK in the European Union. Now, the UK will hold the “Brexit referendum” (a popular vote) on whether to stay in the EU on those new, special terms. If the UK votes to leave the EU, the changes will be more immediate and dramatic. If the UK stays, there will be no major immediate changes, but other countries are less likely to remain in the EU while the UK receives special privileges not available to other members. As Le Figaro wrote in their front-page editorial

If Britain remains in the EU on the conditions it has been offered, it kills it [the EU]. If it leaves, it kills it too…the Brussels compromise puts the worm into the fruit.

No-one has reason any longer to bend to the common rules, since one can escape them by means of a little blackmail.

It has been said that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, wants the UK to remain in the EU, but has been giving in to the Brexit voice to appease that segment of the UK constituency. Essentially, Cameron has made the bet that he can assert UK’s wishes in the EU parliament, but the vote will be to stay in the EU.

The Brexit referendum is scheduled for Thursday, June 23, to be preceded by months of campaigning.

The astrological indications for the referendum are momentous and potent. The specific concessions were agreed by UK and EU on February 19, with Mars at 23 Scorpio. Remember this degree, for it will come back to haunt us often in 2016. Mars is an important planet for England, which is traditionally ruled by the sign Aries. Mars is especially appropriate in matters of severance and divorce, as it is the planet of war.

23 Scorpio is important because is the exact degree at which Mars will station direct in June. So, this week, while Mars transited 23 Scorpio, we got a preview of coming attractions for this spring’s Mars retrograde.

Mercury and 23 Taurus

Mercury will trigger this degree repeatedly by square and opposition in 2016. Mercury will square 23 Taurus from Aquarius on February 29, then conjoin it on April 23. Then, Mercury will station retrograde at 24 Taurus on April 28, directly opposite 23 Taurus. Mercury will be at 23 Taurus April 30-May 2, and once more on June 6th. These dates will likely mark important events and turns in the debate leading up to the referendum, both on the EU and UK sides of the fence.

Meanwhile, Mars will be going through his own retrograde period, and will remain exactly in 23 Scorpio from June 21 through July 7.

Brexit Referendum: Gamble with Care

Mars will be nearly stationary (though still moving very slowly) on the date of the Brexit referendum, June 23. The retrograde motion of Mars will give the vote an unexpected turn of events. Obviously, putting UK membership in the EU up to a popular vote is a gamble any time, but especially during a period of popular dissatisfaction with the EU. Remember: under a planet retrograde, events go contrary to nature and plan. William Lilly says that a planet retrograde “shows a great change in the air and…sudden alteration.” (Christian Astrology p. 107) Expect anomalies as a result of the referendum; perhaps the UK will actually vote to leave the EU, upsetting Cameron’s big bet. Even if they stay, this spring will mark an important turning point in the EU climate, as it will embolden the so-called Euroskeptics in all countries.

The EU is listed as founded (in its present form) on November 1, 1993, in Maastricht, Netherlands, with the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. The EU existed in a more limited form before 1993, but this chart is on the nose given this year’s vote. Note Saturn at 23 Aquarius square Mars at 24 Scorpio. For outer planet watchers, Pluto is at 24 Scorpio as well. Mars’ transit to this chart is deeply confrontational, as Mars at 23 Scorpio will square the EU Saturn, oppose the EU Moon, and conjoin the EU Mars. This year’s vote will cause deep and broad fissures in the EU, whether they happen immediately or more gradually. This spring will be one for the history books.

EU Maastricht Treaty horoscope
EU Maastricht Treaty Horoscope. Treaty became effective at midnight, per Josh and Richard’s comments. I was not able to locate a source for this, but it makes sense, as many European laws become effective at midnight of the target date.