Since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, which I had speculated he would lose, I re-examined the 2016 Aries Ingress to identify precursors of his victory. Astrology is perfect as it speaks through celestial messengers, even though astrologers err. The Aries Ingresses set for Washington, D.C. have previously accurately predicted whether the incumbent party would hold onto power, so I am optimistic that the Ingress was correct in 2016 as well, but I misread it.

2016 Aries Ingress

The tenth house belongs to the incumbent party, the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton. The fourth house represents the Republican Party and their candidate, Donald Trump. On its face, the Aries Ingress looks excellent for the Republican Party. The ruler of the fourth house, Jupiter, applies to an immediate square with Saturn in Sagittarius. When a party’s ruler receives another planet into a major dignity, as here Jupiter receives Saturn into Jupiter’s domicile, we confidently predict victory for the party whose house Jupiter rules.

In the 2016 Aries Ingress, however, Jupiter was right on the tenth house cusp, which in certain past years (we must go back a long ways, to 1884 and 1888; one party’s ruler on the other’s cusp is rare) indicated that the tenth house, ruled by the Democratic Party, would capture Jupiter for their own ends. In 2016, that was not the case. It may be that Jupiter’s retrograde motion subverted the past pattern. Another possibility is that one party’s ruler on the other’s cusp means that the challenging party wins, full stop. We have only a small handful of examples, so while it is difficult to draw categorical conclusions, we have at least two hypotheses to test with future charts.

A reader suggested that we should look at the 2016 Libra Ingress instead. According to Masha’allah’s Revolution of the Years of the World, the sign rising in the 2016 Aries Ingress determines whether we should examine the other Ingresses of the year. If we follow Masha’allah’s rule literally, we would need to review the Libra Ingress, which precedes the Presidential election. Here is the chart:

2016 Libra Ingress

Neither the fourth nor tenth house ruler aspects another planet that the ruler receives, which is the usual indication of the winning party. In previous Aries Ingresses, the absence of such a received aspect indicated the status quo would remain and the incumbent party would stay in power. Clearly, the Libra Ingress is not helpful in combination with this method.

What’s next for the technique? It works, now and in the past, though the universe does not always serve up perfect charts that align with existing hypotheses. The 2016 Aries Ingress’s refractory mystique has captivated me, and I shall study future Ingresses with great interest.