If you enjoy arguments and strongly voiced views in American media and halls of power, the 2016 Aries Ingress has you covered. If you like action movies and explosions then 2016 may be your year. This year will twist and turn with a feverish, unpredictable vigor, even violence. Everyone will have an opinion, and the debates will be loud and clear. The public sentiment will be whipped up to a fever pitch. Can those who hold the strings maintain control?

2016 Aries Ingress. March 20, 2016. 12:30:08 AM (EDT). Washington, D.C.
2016 Aries Ingress. March 20, 2016. 12:30:08 AM (EDT). Washington, D.C.


2016 is surely the year of authoritarian sentiment in a segment of the voting public. Unsurprisingly, in the 2016 Aries Ingress, Mars and Saturn are both in the first house of the people. The public mood will be unpleasant. Saturn is the planet of fear, and in this chart rules the second and third houses; financial fears and phobia of one’s neighbors makes public discourse aggressive and bloodthirsty.

This is surely the year of electoral surprises; the Moon in the ninth house puts the focus on law, judges, and lawyers, foreign countries and foreigners, as well as religion. All of these will be part of a highly combustible blend this election season.

The people, too, are shown by the ruler of the first house, Jupiter in Virgo. As William Ramesey has it, the populace will be well enough in health and body but will not have much money, for that is the nature of a benefic in detriment. Virgo especially speaks of modesty and only minor gains. The American people are just getting by, and it feels as though the wolf is at the door once again, with Jupiter square the ruler of the second house of money, impoverished Saturn. The public mood will be unpredictable and we will crave change without a specific destination, as is typical of a mutable sign. Jupiter is retrograde, leading to sudden turns and changes in the narrative. This year’s election season has been unpredictable, and with Jupiter rx, it will continue thus.

The U.S. Presidential Election

We see the outgoing President shown by Mercury ruling the tenth house at the end of Pisces. Late degrees suggest endings. Who will be the next President of the United States? Every Aries Ingress for a Presidential election year has had the answer; the 2016 Aries Ingress is no exception. If the Democrats are the tenth house and the Republicans the fourth house, the Democrats seem rather better positioned to win this year. The tenth house is bonified by the presence of Jupiter and the North Node. Jupiter is retrograde and moving away from the tenth house cusp, suggesting that the Republican challengers will not enter the White House this time around. Mars and Saturn in the tenth house from the fourth – the house of glory of the Republicans does not bode especially well. Yet, the Democrats’ tenth house is ruled by a debilitated, combust Mercury. I suspect the Democrats will win but only a minority will be really happy with the candidate. If so, the newly elected President will face an uphill battle in 2020, but that is another story for another day.

There is the possibility – or perhaps the likelihood – of this year’s theme, Litigation, impacting the Presidential election, as well. Bernie Sanders already sued the Democratic National Committee for penalizing him when his staffer accessed material belonging to Hilary Clinton’s campaign. There will be more of the same, in both the major parties.

U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS)

Following Justice Scalia’s death, the President will seek to fill the resulting vacancy on the nation’s highest court. Jupiter square Saturn is angular for Washington, D.C. this spring, promising spirited confirmation hearings. All changes on the U.S. Supreme Court since the last Great Conjunction happened under a Jupiter-Saturn square or opposition, and I expect this year to be no exception. Justice Roberts was sworn in September 29, 2005, with Jupiter applying to square Saturn. Justice Alito was nominated October 31, 2005, about six weeks before the aspect perfected. Then, Justice Kagan was sworn in August 7, 2010, under Jupiter opposite Saturn.

The fact that Jupiter is square Saturn in the tenth and first houses of the 2016 Aries Ingress, means that the debate surrounding the nomination will be front and center this year, particularly in the spring. Certain Republican Senators and Representatives have made statements that there will be no hearings held while President Obama is in office. The Jupiter-Saturn square promises otherwise; there will be a very public debate, perhaps because of the possibility that if the decision is held over until next year, it may well be President Trump making the nomination, who has not yet shown signs of listening to the Republican Party.

Literal Litigation

During May 2010’s opposition between Jupiter-Saturn in mutable (common) signs, the Affordable Care Act was passed and a number of states immediately commenced lawsuits against the federal government to avoid having to comply with the ACA’s requirements. I expect similar scale of litigation this year, coinciding with the Jupiter-Saturn square. It may pertain to the elections, and we may see wide redistricting changes following the SCOTUS refusal to grant a stay in a case regarding racial gerrymandering. This is important in any year, but especially this year. North Carolina’s elections and primaries were pushed out to June 7, and the new maps drawn are still not satisfactory to the plaintiffs. These changes and delays may well affect the timing of close Presidential nominations this year.

Bigsplosion (followed by more Litigation)

The last Jupiter-Saturn opposition in Pisces and Virgo, respectively, aligned with the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20, 2010. The explosion and ensuing oil spill is considered the worst oil disaster in U.S. waters. Mutable signs are inherently unstable, and in an opposition, something is going to give. We can expect news of other types of explosions with the upcoming square, though more of a conflagration due to Saturn’s presence in fiery Sagittarius rather than a spill.

The opposition also coincided with the PG&E gas explosion in the SF Bay Area that devastated part of the urban landscape, and a much smaller oil rig explosion. Fortunately that oil rig was not in production and the damage was insignificant in comparison with the Deepwater spill.

In the 2016 Aries Ingress, Mars also gets in on the game; he is the most closely angular planet in this Ingress. With Mars in Sagittarius, think projectiles, fireworks, and other fiery arrows shooting through the skies. The image for the first decan of Sagittarius in the Liber Hermetis is “a man having a head of a dog, extending his left hand to the lower part, he holds something sharp. It is however a small weapon with points. He is girt with variegated net all the way to his thighs.” In Austin Coppock’s 36 Faces, he associates this decan with “the secrets of propaganda, which infect the psyche,” emphasizing that this face is “defined by…capability for movement but also…potential for violence.” (193) This year, the people are a vehicle for intense emotion, even barbarity.

There is a favorable side to the Jupiter-Saturn square tied to solving problems signified by the tense square. The square on August 3 last year led to the announcement of the Clean Power Plan, which included the first EPA restrictions on carbon pollution by U.S. power plants. Needless to say, litigation by states followed, and the Clean Power Plan is now stayed per a SCOTUS ruling until after the U.S Presidential election.

Believe it or not, this only scratches the surface of this fascinating Aries Ingress. As the year evolves, I will comment more, because Sagittarius is the sign of fast movement (four legs!). By this summer, the Aries Ingress will seem like ancient history.