Will father sell his business and move here? 4/25/2015, 11:23 PM, San Francisco, California.

Question: “My dad has been trying to sell his restaurant in upstate NY and I would like him to move here in WA with us. Will it happen soon? Why hasn’t it happened already (price seems correct)?

About 10 years ago, my dad and his girlfriend at the time who is also his business partner moved to upstate NY from NYC to open a French restaurant. They bought an old bed and breakfast and converted it into part restaurant at the bottom and their lodging on the top floor. My dad had used our now sold house to borrow the money for the restaurant and he believed he would be successful. I also feel he was afraid to be alone. 

He has been trying to sell it because he believes it is not profitable and because she takes care of all the bills, he feels he doesn’t get the proper pay he should. We have 18-month-old twin boys and I’m his only child. I would love to have my dad close to me, I would have to add some kind of structure on our property so he can have privacy etc., but aside from that I think we could all live well and be happy.”

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Podcast Horary: Will dad sell his business and come live with us?

Horary Analysis

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“The business is a dog, and has sapped the querent’s father of his financial independence. Though he stubbornly intends to recoup his losses, it’s best for him to cut the ties while he can and get out before the loss gets greater. While there are not any immediate prospects, the querent can work with her father to set more reasonable expectations so that later in the year, when offers come forward, the family is ready and prepared to make the best decision available to them at that time. Late August, early September provide promising windows of opportunity, with a special glimmer of hope in late October that should be the moment of reunion between querent and father.”