Should I relocate my mediumship school? 4/17/2015, 11:37 PM, Richardson, Texas.

Question: “My husband and I have run a spiritualist/mediumship centre here in the UK for two years with weekly mediumship demonstrations/services and various spiritual training programmes. We’re at a crossroads with its development. It ticks along nicely and we have a good regular following, but only so many hours in the day (it’s a non profit organization, not our source of income). We always wanted to open another in a nearby town, but we can’t decide between doing so, or pouring more resources into the existing one in order to grow and develop it further. Which would be for the best? Open a new centre to benefit a different town, or transform/deepen the existing one?

Read Ryhan Butler’s response to Nikki’s question on the Free Horary Facebook page, and listen to the podcast horary analysis where Ryhan, Wade Caves, and I share our opinions on this horary.

Podcast Horary: Should we move our mediumship school?

Horary Analysis

Our discussion is in the podcast; horary judgment was written by Ryhan Butler. This is a short excerpt of the total analysis; read the complete judgment on our Facebook group

“All-in-all, I think the chart is clear that staying and facing or countering these claims by demonstration and proper conduct is the best choice of action. Not only is Mercury (the prospect of opening a new center) weaker than Jupiter (the current center), but Mercury is applying a square to Jupiter and a conjunction to Mars. This indicates that the rumors and slander are likely to follow even if they did relocate. It can also indicate a negative perception of the new venture at this time.”