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Free Horary Reading: Ana’s Question: “I’d like very much to hear you about this question: would it be interesting for me to move to China to work as a language teacher for 1-2 years? My concern is an health issue (I don’t know if it will be too stressful for me to move and work there, and thus if it will affect my health) and if I would be able to keep a regular workload after coming back (as I work currently as a freelancer).”

Nina Gryphon’s Judgment: Moving to China could indeed be difficult for your health and might even re-ignite an old health problem that is in your past but is still making its presence known. Whatever you run from in your current location will find you even in China. The money would be decent but the downside for your health would mean that you might not profit as much as you had hoped, perhaps due to recovery time once you left, or similar setbacks.

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"Should I go to China for work?" October 4, 2015. 10:14:53 A.M., Los Angeles, California.
“Should I go to China for work?” October 4, 2015. 10:14:53 A.M., Los Angeles, California.