Should I move away? 5/2/2015, 7:15 AM, Ashland, Oregon.

Podcast Horary Question: My question is, should I stay living in Adelaide? I have been here for about two years, and while I have a relatively stable job and living situation here, I feel pretty lonely. I am originally from the east coast of Australia and have a lot of friends and family there. I also currently have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, who lives on the west coast. As I said, things are good in Adelaide, but I have had some trouble ‘fitting in’. Should I hang around a little longer, or move on – overseas, back to the east coast or to the west?

On Questions Podcast Horary: Should I move away?

Horary Analysis

Our discussion is in the podcast; horary judgment was written by Nina Gryphon. This is a short excerpt of the total analysis; read the complete judgment on our Facebook group

“It seems that Joel should stay in Adelaide, as he would suffer financially and/or career-wise if he were to move away. It seems that much of his dilemma stems from a dissatisfaction with the status quo in his romantic relationship, which is currently long-distance and causing Joel feelings of loneliness. There is some indication that he is coming to a decision point in the relationship, and this will continue to intensify in the next year until he makes a decision one way or another. One possibility is to try to get Joel’s boyfriend to move to Adelaide with him, since moving away is not really a legitimate option for Joel. It does seem as though Adelaide will be a fruitful place for Joel to live, if he gives it a chance and works on meeting like-minded people.”