Magical Elections Course (Kepler College)

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I will be teaching a five-week course on Magical Elections for Kepler College in Autumn 2020. We will learn about the philosophy, theory, and history of magic, then transition into foundational magical practices, and of course, magical elections using planets, stars, Lunar Mansions, and more. The course costs $265. Details and sign-up link are forthcoming.

We will cover a large amount of material in a relatively short amount of time – yes, there are assignments and homework, as well as a final project. We meet each week at a set time, but you can watch the course videos later if you cannot participate in any particular week.


1. Picatrix by Maslamah ibn Ahmad Majriti. The Attrell and Porreca translation linked here is preferred and will be used in the course. If you have another edition, that may be acceptable depending on the quality, which has varied dramatically between editions. Whatever edition you use, please ensure it is complete and has all four books. Link:

2. Book of Rulerships by J. Lee Lehman. Link:

3. Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Agrippa. Online versions exist and can be used (such as;view=toc); for students wanting a physical book, Llewellyn’s edition is a good, readable option: Link:

4. Christian Astrology by William Lilly. I recommend purchasing Books I and II (Link:, but if you do not have a copy or want a modernized/footnoted experience, we will be studying primarily Ch. 8-15, freely available, and conveniently annotated/reset by astrologer Deborah Houlding:
    – Christian Astrology, Ch. 8-11 – the Superior Planets, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars:
    Christian Astrology, Ch. 12-15 – The Sun and Inferior Planets: Venus, Mercury, and the Moon:

Recommended Books

Three Books on Life by Marsilio Ficino. A key text in the Renaissance tradition about magic, astrology, and their use to lengthen life and improve health.